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"In my over 35 years breeding, raising and showing Quarter Horses, I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered any equine enthusiast/practitioner with the innate equine intuition and genuine love for the horse as Henrietta. That being said, she performed several Equine Acupressure treatments on two of my horses, with some pretty amazing results. Both, very obviously, totally relaxed and enjoyed their “spa” treatments. One, an older mare, was experiencing stiffness in her shoulder to the point that she was not tracking straight and was having difficulty standing for any work on her front feet. After just one treatment, she was able to stand just fine for the farrier one week later. And after two treatments, her whole body was moving totally straight and much more freely and loosely. The other mare was occasionally experiencing some anxiousness, as well as some soreness in her front feet, and she had just developed a cloudy eye. After her acupressure treatments, the anxiousness and sore feet were very much improved and the cloudy eye was all clear. So, being somewhat skeptical before Equine Acupressure, I can now say I’m “sold” and would totally recommend Henrietta for almost any equine issue."

Bev Knouse, Knouse Quarter Horses


"My young two year old had a terrible injury and ended up hanging upside down impaled from a t post through his hindquarter for over an hour. I was lucky to have several gifted people come and do body work on him. One of them was Henrietta. She has the innate ability to meet the horse on their terms with a sensitivity rarely found in humans. She approached my horse as being her teacher and she let him tell her where to work and what and how much to do. He has recovered nicely with some outward blemishes but you would never know he had an injury of that magnitude when you watch him move...he just scored 7.8 at the Hanoverian futurity! I highly recommend Henrietta for working with any horse. She brings much more than healing but a kinship with the horse that is remarkable. She is part of our miracle!"


Dorene McCarthy, Mt Emily Partners

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