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Services and Rates


  • The basic rate for an equine acupressure session is $85. This includes the session itself, which lasts from 30 minutes to an hour, and complimentary aromatherapy.
    • The basic rate includes travel within 10 miles of my home in North Plains, OR. For barns farther than 10 miles from my home, a travel fee applies. The travel fee may be split between owners at a single barn.
    • In order to help my clients afford regular sessions, I offer discounts for scheduling on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Acupressure is most effective when used regularly. In general, for a healthy horse with no "issues", once a month works well for maintenance. For many of the horses in my practice, having acupressure every two weeks is very beneficial. Please ask me about a monthly or bi-weekly  discount if you are interested.
    • Kinesiology taping may be added to an acupressure session for an additional fee.
  • Rescued horses and those used for therapeutic riding may eligible for reduced rates.

Hay Testing

  • The base rate for forage testing is $100 per sample. This includes coring, packing, shipping, analysis, and assistance with interpreting the results.
    • My husband and I used to grow hay in eastern Oregon. As producers, we always had our hay tested, and in 2007 I became a Certified Hay Sampler through the NFTA. The testing process consists of coring about a dozen bales of hay, then vacuum-packing the sample, and shipping to Equi-Analytical for analysis. My fee includes their Equi-Tech Analysis. Other analytical services may be chosen or added.
    • We no longer grow our own hay, but I still sample and test all the hay we buy. The nutritional profile of our horses' hay gives essential information for managing their feed and supplements.
    • This link was recommended to me years ago by my veterinarian: safergrass.org. It has excellent information, particularly related to the equine metabolism and the carbohydrate profiles of feed and forage.

(Rates may be subject to change.)



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